Friday, April 8, 2016

Create A T-Shirt Fundraiser To Raise Donations!

Example of T-Shirt Fundraiser that Raised $1300
Example of T-Shirt Fundraiser that Raised $1300 with Just 116 Shirts Sold

Our New T-Shirt Fundraising Platform: FundraiserTee

T-shirts are a terrific way to raise donations for a cause. People love to help and receiving a gift is always a great motivator. Furthermore, the t-shirt will continue to raise awareness in the long term. has worked hard over the last 12 months to develop a platform that makes the entire process extremely easy to do yourself online. In January 2016, we launched FundraiserTee which empowers you to setup a t-shirt fundraiser in just minutes.

Simply pick a shirt, add a design, set a goal and launch your campaign. A unique marketing page is created instantly for your fundraiser. All you need to do is promote it by email and social sharing, such as Facebook & Twitter.

When the campaign is over (you set the length from 7-21 days), FundraiserTee does the rest. We print the shirts in bulk, then mail them to all your supporters. No inventory, up front costs or collecting money. We do it all for you and send you the profits by check or PayPal. See How It Works

Not Comfortable Doing It Yourself?

Hey, we get it - if it's not your cup of tea to do it yourself, we'll do it for you. We will create a design for you and setup the campaign. Just ask.

T-Shirt Fundraising With FundraiserTee
T-Shirt Fundraising With FundraiserTee

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