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Life is too short for missed deadlines and poorly printed T-shirts! Not only will TerrificT provide you with the best quality screen-printing, digital printing and embroidery, but your custom t-shirts will arrive on-time with Guaranteed Delivery & Free Shipping.

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No matter what you do, we've Got You Covered. Buy screen-printed, digital-printed or embroidered logoed t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hats, jackets or hoodies for your small business, sports team, club,  organization or corporate marketing team.

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Sometimes it is hard to get started with your t-shirt design. Not everybody is a master designer with fancy graphic software. That's why TerrificT provides you with over 30,000 ClipArt images and over 2000 T-Shirt Design Templates.

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Incredible Full Color T-Shirts

Our Full-Color Screen Printing sets us apart from the thousands of other screen-printers in the world. Printing 4-Color Process on t-shirts, particularly darks, is a feat that 95% of the printers out there just can not do and TerrificT does it better than anybody. Decades of research and development have enabled us to produce extraordinary detail and color range. While we will use digital printing (DTG) for smaller orders, screen-printing allows us to produce your marketing images at a very low cost for large T-Shirt Promotions.

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Incredible Full Color Process Screen-Printing on 

Sample of Full Color Screen 

Print on Black T-Shirts - Eagle
Sample of Full Color Screen 

Print on Black T-Shirts - Race Car
Sample of Full Color Screen 

Print on Navy T-Shirts - Retro Warbirds

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Mysteries are fun to watch on television, but not when ordering custom t-shirts. Pricing on our website is exactly as you see it. No hidden fees, setup charges or surprises in your shopping cart. TerrificT will provide you 'Top of the Line' decorating on an assortment of quality apparel products - all Shipped Free with Guaranteed Delivery Dates.

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TerrificT is a Custom Apparel Decorator


What TerrificT Does - Screen Printed, Digital Printed & Embroidered GarmentsWe decorate custom apparel with screen-printing, digital printing (aka DTG) and embroidery. We have been doing this a long time, going back to 1987 when we started with homemade screen printing equipment. Those were the days before computer graphics, when we did everything by hand, including hand-cut rubylith (for those artisans who know what that is). This is also the time where is was still more common to call it silk screening, rather than screen printing.

From the beginning, we had a passion for screen printing 4-color process t-shirts. Mr. Terrific was an illustrator and was too young at the time to know that screen-printing full- color images was next to impossible. . . Read More

Mr. Terrific & The TerrificT Story

The  Screen Printing Story of TerrificT & Mr. Terrific

He Had a Motive

It all started back in 1987 with Mr.Terrific & his pal "Shoe" Mackenzie. These guys were still in college and just wanted money to go skiing (the kind that involves snow, mountains, and beer). They had the snow. They had the beer. They didn't have the mountains.

Go West Young Man

Every Midwesterner knows you gotta go west, be it Colorado, Montana, Utah, Idaho or anyplace else in the Rockies. For Mr. Terrific and Shoe it was "Colorado or Bust". Shoe was now an old pro at Colorado. Heck, he had been at college in Colorado for two years and while he didn't get any smarter, he sure did ski a lot. . . Read The Rest of The Story