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TerrificT is a Custom Apparel Decorator

What TerrificT Does - Screen Printed, Digital Printed & Embroidered GarmentsWe decorate custom apparel with screen-printing, digital printing (aka DTG) and embroidery. We have been doing this a long time, going back to 1987 when we started with homemade screen printing equipment. Those were the days before computer graphics, when we did everything by hand, including hand-cut rubylith (for those artisans who know what that is). This is also the time where it was still more common to call it silk screening, rather than screen printing.

From the beginning, we had a passion for screen printing 4-color process t-shirts. Mr. Terrific was an illustrator and was too young at the time to know that screen-printing full- color images was next to impossible. The reasons are too many to mention here, but the reality at the time was that any attempt at screen printing 4-color process on apparel was a disaster.

This was not acceptable to Mr. Terrific. Though very young, he had hands on education with offset (paper) printing. He knew it could be done and was determined to find a way. So began the life long passion for screen printing and the pursuit of excellence.

By the way, Mr. Terrific did master 4-color process and was producing excellent results all the way back in 1989. But mastering an art is relative to time. What we considered excellence decades ago, is now mediocre. TerrificT is committed to continually pushing the envelope of imprint & embroidery quality, always getting better and staying ahead of the competition.