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Free Art Review - T-shirts

We Don't Take Art for Granted

We understand that designing custom t-shirts online can be scary. After all, you probably worked very hard to make your design just right. Or perhaps you uploaded a design you created with your own graphics software. Either way, once you have designed your product in our Custom T-Shirt Designer, you want to know it's being taken care of by professionals who care about art. You should and We do.


We Inspect Every T-Shirt Design for Accuracy

The last thing we want is a disappointed customer. Besides, we love making t-shirts look good. Your design will be double checked by our staff artists as follows:



We look for standard alignment issues like centering. If your design appears to be just slightly off center, we'll fix that. If your design looks way off center, we suspect you may desire that look, but we'll double check with you.


Image Size

If we suspect your design size is too big or too small, we will contact you. Our design templates allow you to size an image to our maximum imprint size, but sometimes it may not look right on the final product and we will confirm this with you.


Colors & Contrast

TerrificT Free Art Review  - Custom T-shirts

We offer a very wide range of colors in our online designer, including the entire Pantone color pallet. Sometimes we see colors chosen that may appear too light or too dark on the final product. Perhaps this is your creative objective, but we'll confirm with you just to be safe.


Line Thickness

We can print thin lines, such as, 1pt. However, many times the final result will not be desirable. The same goes for lines that may be too thick. Regardless, if the artwork is from our library or uploaded, we will make adjustments for the best printability, contacting you if necessary.



Often we receive designs with multiple layers of artwork. Sometimes the layers are obviously in the wrong order, like a graphic that should be behind the text layer (but isn't). We will fix these issues and confirm the changes with you.


Text Arches & Warps

Arching or warping text, particularly around or within objects can be difficult. If we see text that looks like it is not matching the path of an object, we will correct this and confirm the change with you.


Image Backgrounds

White and colored backgrounds behind images, especially uploaded graphics, is a common problem in the online designer. With uploaded images, this can be avoided if you remove it in your graphics program. It can also sometimes be removed in our designer, but not always as much as you want. Bottom line: We will remove these backgrounds.



We check your t-shirt designs for spelling errors. Many uncommon words, phrases or slang may be hard to catch. If we feel the spelling is in error, we will confirm with you before making changes.


We Will Send You a Proof of Design Changes

If we determine there is a problem with your design for any of the before mentioned reasons or any other reason, we will contact you and send you an artwork proof of the changes made to your t-shirt or apparel design.

For further reference, you can read more about our t-shirt & apparel decorating methods at the following links:

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